Books Without Covers is about a
storyteller and his stories. Stories
told aloud are like Books Without
Covers. John Beach tells stories.
He specializes in stories of the
American West and opens the
doors to our past, so that we can
see how things were "back then."
John tells tall tales, true tales and
tales that have been adapted to
Western settings. He also uses his
banjo, harmonica, dulcimer, kazoo
and other rhythm instruments in his
stories. Let him find you some
Books Without Covers to listen to
and tell yourself.
John Beach
Find new enjoyment from traditional stories in a brand new
setting. It might help you enjoy them even more. Try a
Jack tale set in the high plains of Wyoming, or 3 Wishes
set on a ranch with a quarreling brother and sister. Or you
might like to hear about a musical snake, a wild bear hunt
or a shrunken guitar.
Go ahead and "poke" around.
We hope you find something you like.

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